Faculty of Philology and Primary Education

Faculty of Philology and Primary Education

Dean of the Faculty

Kerimbaev Dauren Maratovich

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

General information

The Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics was formed on the basis of humanitarian and pedagogical specialties in 2008. The faculty has 2 departments: “Kazakh language and literature”, the department is headed by Ph.D., the senior teacher - F. Aymurzaev, the department of “Preschool and elementary education” is headed by the Ph.D., senior teacher - M. Yermekbayev .
The faculty is led by Ph.D., senior lecturer D.M. Kerimbaev. Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs TB Usenov, Methodologist G.M. Ospanova. Students of the faculty are provided with all modern conditions for receiving a decent education today. Equipped classrooms, laboratories, computer classes connected to the Internet, teaching rooms, language laboratories, a comprehensive interactive learning system are provided for students. Every year the base for conducting practices in leading schools and preschool institutions of the city of Shymkent is expanding.
The faculty staff totals - 106 people. Of these, 6 - doctors of sciences, 1 - honored statesman of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 44 - candidates of sciences, 21 - senior lecturers, 27 - masters. The faculty is training specialists in 5 specialties, where 1002 students are studying.
Students of the faculty participate in international, national competitions and scientific conferences. Many of them are marked with letters of commendation. Thanks to the quality of theoretical knowledge gained and the work of state youth employment programs, 95% of graduates work in schools and preschool institutions.