Department of practice

  • 2016-08-02
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Surganova Gauhar Boriskizi

The head of practical Department

According to the basig education system rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan students pass the sort of internships such as learning, teaching and evaluation, linguistic, educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice tupes in accordance with the schedule.

On everu year the training contracts signed with the based of internships, prepared programs, collected guidelines for organizing and conducting internship. In accordance with the head of university order students are directed to the agreement is signed. At this time signed more than 120 agreements.

Electronic version of guidelines programs are stored in the department of internship. Professors and other qualified teachers are directed for improving the quality of internship.

Students are sent to organizations in accordance with the themes of diploma projects in graduate year.

Developed practices program, issued a different kind of internship diaries. After pedagogical production and pre-diploma practice for students give guidance conducted after the final conference, where students analyze reports. After the results of practical training, many students are invited for job.