History and the Faculty of Law

History and the Faculty of Law

General information

Dean of the faculty

Candidate of pedagogical scienses

Pazil Abdirash Ashiruly

Faculty chairs:

Department of Jurisprudence

Department of history of Kazakhstan and social sciences

General information

We say about qualified and well-bred young people who will be competent specialists of our future sovereign state. To improve the quality of knowledge the aim of bringing work of the faculty is to train worthy, just,professionally skilled specialists. A great attention of our state is paid to the problem of education in the trend of forming a developed, capable, talented person of the XXI-st century. For the development of education and science of Kazakhstan new tasks are put to enter the world space for further democratization of education in the whole educational and methodical system.

For the purpose of improvement of the level of knowledge of students the works of control of knowledge and control of results of remained knowledge are carried out. During a semester to check the level of the knowledge of students the block-rating system is held.

The plans of educational-methodical, bringing up works are worked out at the faculty. Each curator fulfils his duties in bringing up works. They pay a special attention to this problem and plan necessary works to bring up humanity, justice and other best qualities of young people. The staff of Philogy and law faculty, teachers-professors also make their contribution in this direction.

There are 2 chairs at the faculty

They are as follows:

1. Chair of law study

2. Chair of history of Kazakhstan and social subjects

Competent and experienced candidates of sciences and professors work at the chairs. At the faculty there are 32 candidates of sciences, 3 professors, 5 docents, 25 masters, 4 senior teachers – in the whole 69 professors-teachers.

At present more than 1155 students study. Every year more than 125 students graduate from the faculty. For the purpose of improving mastering process a lingo phone cabinet is used according to disciplines in demands of the time. Graduates find jobs in different places according to their specialties.

Nowadays graduates of specialties of our faculty work in many branches of our region and other cities of our Republic.

Demands put to high schools of the Ministry of Education are very high. Teachers-professors of the faculty work hard to give qualified knowledge to students.