Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

  • 2016-08-09
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Head of the department

PhD doctors Berdieva Meruert Aytimbetova

Department of "Mathematics, Physics and Informatics" was established in 2001. To date, the department prepares graduates in the following specializations:

1) 5B060100 - Mathematics. The academic degree "Bachelor of natural science."

2) 5B010900 - Mathematics. The academic degree "Bachelor of Education majoring" 5B010900 - Mathematics. "

3) 5B011000 - Physics. Academic degree - "Bachelor of Education majoring" 5B011000 - Physics ".

4) 5B011100 - Informatics. The academic degree "Bachelor of Education on specialty “5B011100 - Informatics ".

And also prepares masters in the following specialties:

1) 6M060100 - Mathematics. Academic degree - "Master of Natural Sciences in the specialty" Mathematics ".

2) 6M011000 - Physics. Academic degree - "Master of Pedagogical Sciences in specialty" Physics ".

At the same time, the teaching staff of the department conducts classes in students the general course "Informatics" at all specialties of the university and discipline "Mathematics in Economics", "Econometrics", "Mathematical and economic modeling", "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics" "Discrete mathematics and mathematical logic", "Mathematical analysis", "Fundamentals of algebra", "analytic geometry", "Functional analysis and valid", "Higher mathematics" et al., technical and economic specialties.

Currently, the department manages the PhD doctors Berdieva Meruert Aytimbetova and work 43 teachers, including 2 doctors of sciences, 8 candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 12, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, 5 candidate of technical sciences, 1 senior teachers and 15 magister .To date, the department carries out scientific-methodical work at the direction of "Innovative methods of training in natural science disciplines," the report №0164RK00067 Registration number