The department of Artistic work and fine arts

  • 2016-08-09
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Head of Department

Candidate of pedagogical science associate professor

Akhmet Laura Smatullaevna

General Information

The department of "Artistic work and fine arts" has been functioning since the founding of the Shymkent Socio-Pedagogical University. Over the years,in the departmentsignificantly increased its qualitative staff:PPP and material-technical base. The chairstaff have done a great job to improve the quality of teaching departmentdisciplines for undergraduatesand masters degreeon the specialties of 6B01404 - "Professional training", 6B01402 - "Fine arts and drawing" and 6B01405 - Artwork and design. It is created amodern educational-methodical base, required for quality teaching of cathedral disciplines for training teachers of a new formation.

Currently the head of the Department candidate of pedagogical science , Associate Professor Akhmet Laura Smatullaevna, a person with extensive experience in higher education, a specialist in the field of theoretical and applied research on professional pedagogy. Akhmet Laura Smatullaevna contributes significantly to the close unity of science and activity practice, carrying out the organization and management of the activities of teachers, masters of the department in the field of scientific and methodological issues.

earch work of the department is carried out in accordance with the theme of "Improving the creative abilities of the future teacher in the use of innovative technology education." Its results are being introduced in the educational process in the form of inclusion in the content of lectures, seminars and workshops and are included in the job for a period of pedagogical and training practice of the students, preparing for the publication of recommendation on the problem.