Faculty of extramural, evening and distance learning education

Faculty of extramural, evening and distance learning education

General information

Dean of the Faculty

Bizhan Nurlan Rabhanovich, Сandidates degree in Jurisprudence

The faculty has 13 departments and a rich library. There are computer Crassus and electronic reading rooms, connected to the Internet. The learning process is carried out by credit and distance technologies. Аutomated system (PLATONUS) used at the faculty in order to it by using a credit technology. Duration of training - 2, 3, and 5 years.

Part-time provides 2 times a year, 1 month intensive student training, after which the students take the exam. Since 2008, Kazakhstan banned the correspondence form of training on the basis of secondary education (Grade 11), so the training is carried out only on the basis of secondary and higher education (2 or 3 years).

Evening form of training is also called day - correspondence. That is, the learning process is carried out in the evening, so the student can work during the day and attend university lectures in the evening with 18 hours. In the evening form of training can be done with any level of education, also provides for reduction of the period of study or related professions on the basis of higher education, and a ban for some specialties.

Distance learning is done through the provision of student learning materials, during the learning process the student and teacher are interactively. It is a collection of technologies that allows students to work independently.

Distance learning is made with the help of Internet technology: network installed lectures complexes, by teachers, tasks for independent work, carried out on-line advice and lectures. It is also being tested by the development of online materials testing. If provided for state examinations and defense of the thesis, students take them in a normal environment in the university.

List of faculty specialties:

5В010100 - Preschool training and education

5В010200 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

5B010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology

5В010600 - Music Education

5В010700 - Fine art and drawing

5В010800 - Physical culture and sport

5В010900 – Mathematics

5В011000 – Physics

5В011100 – Informatics

5В011200 – Chemistry

5В011300 – Biology

5В011400 - History

5В011600 - Geography

5В011700 - Kazakh language and literature

5В011800 - Russian Language and Literature

5В011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages

5В012000 - Vocational training

5В012300 - Social pedagogy and self-knowledge

5В020300 – History

5В030100 - Jurisprudence

5В050100 - Sociology

5В050200 - Politics

5B050600 - Economy

5B050800 - Accounting and Auditing

5В050900 - Finance

5В051000 - State and local government

5В060100 - Mathematics

5В060700 - Biology

5В060800 - Ecology

5В070300 - Information Systems

5В073200 – Standardization, certification and metrology