Faculty of Natural and Music Education

Faculty of Natural  and Music Education

General information

Faculty of Natural and Music Education

Dean of the Faculty

Beysenova Gulbahram Ismailovna

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Departments of faculty:

Department of Biology and Chemistry

Department of Music Education

Faculty educational programs for training:

1. 6В01403 – Music Education;

2. 6В01504 – Chemistry;

3. 6В01505 – Biology;

4. 6В01507 – Chemistry- Biology;

5. 6В05101 – Biology;

6. 6В05204 – Ecology;

Faculty prepares masters in the following educational programs:

1. 7М01504 – Chemistry;

2. 7М01505 – Biology;

3. 7М05101 – Biology;

4. 7М05204 – Ecology;

General information

The Faculty "Natural-Pedagogical" within the University has been working since 1997. The Faculty of Natural Science and Music Education was renamed on August 29, 2019. Students who graduated from this Faculty work in our region and in the cities of our Republic, hold positions in higher educational institutions, schools, commercial firms, city and regional administrative apparatus and in other institutions. During the work of the Faculty in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" according to the model rules of the Ministry of Education and Science and Higher Education, the Charter of the University and the Rules, works according to the plan of educational work.

In the staff of faculty there are famous scientists and experienced teachers. The scientific and pedagogical activity is carried out by 77 professors-teachers, including 9 doctors of science, professors, 36 candidates of science, associate professors, masters of science 29 and 3 senior teachers. Share of the teachers having academic degrees on faculty make 60 ℅. At the faculty, the teaching process is carried out on the basis of credit technology, i.e. a new system of training. The material and technical base and potential of specialists meet the requirements of the State Security Service.

To date, the faculty has circles "Young Naturalist," Young Chemist, "Biosphere" Quartet Guys. " At the faculty there are also KVN teams that defend the honor of the faculty these teams: "Million," Kyidyrzhler, "Shim-life" and "Special people."

For students which are studying in that faculty, have created all good conditions to them for would get modern knowled and would be qualifications of their speciality. The faculty provides about 20 students on marital status, research and artistic and creative work with discounts from 25% -100%.

During the training process are provided with all technical equipment, connected to the Internet, computer center, textbooks, teaching manuals. A greenhouse zone has been opened for the specialty Biology. For students for extra-day time all conditions for rest and for development, sports sections and circles are created. The university has 500 seats in the "Students House."

The message of N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" includes chairs for the implementation of priorities in 5 main scientific areas, research works, defined the performers and heads of scientific projects, prepared and approved a plan for research work.

Faculty departments train faculty: masters, students, masters, postgraduate students, young scientists who publish their scientific works at the national, international level, conferences, forums, competitions, publications of CIS countries, far and near abroad, in scientific journals with impact factor, Committee Control (VAC).

In November 2019, it is planned to meet graduates with employers in order to provide jobs within the framework of the program of increasing the level of employment and employment "with Diploma - to the village" on the message of the Head of State Kasim-Zhomart Tokayev which took place on September 2, 2019 to the people of Kazakhstan "Constructive public dialogue - the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan"

The Faculty carries out work on the educational plan consisting of 7 directions: social, moral-spiritual, healthy lifestyle, aesthetic, national-spiritual and patriotic, legal, ecological education

Urtaeva Nazgul Koldasovna- Deputy dean for teaching and educational work

Iskakova Aziza Isaevna- Deputy dean for science and research work

Kuanysh Laura Seithankizi- Secretary of faculty