The department of information technologies

  • 2016-08-02
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Department of Information Technologies

Head of IT Department

Torebek Erlan Zhandarbekovich

The department of information technologies is organized in order to create, develop and support the information and communication infrastructure of the university.

For fully master the curriculum, students at the university are equipped with 17 multimedia classrooms, 1 video studio, 2 language labs, 3 virtual laboratories, 15 computer classes connected to the Internet, 3 electronic reading rooms.

Today, the university has a local and wireless network connected to the Internet, the speed of which is 90Mb / s, and Wi-Fi points which also work in the buildings. Currently, the university has more than 500 units. computer equipment.

The main goals and objectives of the department of information technologies are:

* development and implementation of strategic informatization programs of the university, implementation of a unified technical policy in the field of *acquisition and use of technical and software computer tools and networks,

*design and installation work to form a unified computer network of the university

* creation of a digital / electronic educational environment and its improvement;

*creation, operation (maintenance) and development of subsystems of the University’s automated information system "Platonus",

*includs university-wide and local computer networks with access to the global INTERNET network and other corporate, regional and industry networks (including universities, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as organizations collaborating with the university);

*updating the university website;

*development and improvement of information technology for the educational process and university management;

*providing teaching staff jobs with modern computers connected to a unified university management system and electronic learning complexes

*methodological guidance and coordination of work at the university on the informatization of the educational process and scientific research, the implementation of industry and university standards in the field of informatization, the unification of normative and reference information and classifiers, the acquisition and use of PC hardware and software by departments, faculties and computer laboratories

*technical and system maintenance of information and telecommunication facilities, ie computer classes, photocopiers, printers, scanners, network equipment, etc;

*design and installation work to form a unified computer network of the university