• 2016-08-09
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A.Zh. Kambarbekova

Head of the Library

Information about the library of the Regional Social Innovation University.
Transformations affecting the socio-political spheres of the life of society have significantly expanded the capabilities of each person to manifest their personal, creative potential. Since its founding, the University Library has a professionally formed universal fund, which includes - 1314090 units in the Kazakh language - 1179408 copies, of which 328265 on the electronic media, 24822 periodicals, as well as scientific and educational publications on paper and electronic media on the profile of specialties and scientific work of university employees. From year to year, the library fund accumulates print publications on the profile of specialties.

Readers are provided with reading rooms for 457 places, a scientific reading room with 20 places, and electronic reading rooms with 40 places. Halls of electronic resources with a media library are in great demand. Here there is not only free, unlimited access to the Internet, but also after-sales service: registration on electronic library portals and other services, as well as on the basis of an agreement, university students and teachers use the Web of Science electronic information fund of Thomson Reuters companies, as well as the Republican Inter University-th electronic information resource base.

Significant funds are allocated to update the library stock with new educational materials. The main selection criterion is the quality of documents and their compliance with the profile of academic disciplines and topics of scientific work of university scientists.
The library works closely with other libraries in the city: the Regional Scientific and Technical Library, the Regional Scientific and Universal Library. A.S. Pushkin, Regional Youth Library.