Academic service Department

  • 2016-08-02
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Academic service Department

Head of the teaching department

Zhumadillaeva Gulzhamal Nurtazaevna- is a candidate of philological sciences. The teacher of Kazakhlanguage and literature.In 1988she graduated the Pedagogical Institute named after M. Auezov with honors in Shymkent. Pedagogical seniority is28 years. She is head of department since the September 2013.

Xaytbaeva Gulzada Namatovna - leading specialist

Oskenbaykyzy Balzhan – specialist

Tuleyeva Kumisay Kuanyshbekovna-main specialist

Arynbekov Marat Turganbekovich - main specialist

Duissenbekova Madina Leskyzy- main specialist


o Improving the educational process by forward planning, timely and efficient coordination of the organization of educational process at the university, including to the implementation of the automation of these processes;

o Providing improve the quality of services to consumers;

o Continuing professional and personal development of department staff


o Planning, organization and management of educational process

o Introduction, use and improvement of the educational process of the automated control systems

o Use the latest approaches in creating a schedule

o Minimize disruptions in the educational process


o Formation of modular educational programs, working curricula, working plans, schedule of the educational process, schedule inspections, academic calendars;

o Creating timetables for undergraduate students of 1-5 courses;

o Scheduling intermediate attestation (examination session) and the final certification (state exam) for all departments from 1 to 5 year.

o Approval of the schedule with the departments;

o Coordination of the current educational process;

o Calculation and distribution of the teaching load of chairs;

o Distribution of classroom fund for educational process