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Boranbayev Sandybay Rezhepovich

Doctor of philological sciences, Professor of the University

     Boranbayev Sandybay Rezhepovich was born on October 15, 1960. In 1978 he graduated from the school, in the 1979-1981. He served in the Soviet Army. In 1981-1982  he worked as a worker in Building Trust "Almaatakultbytstroy", in 1982 he entered the Philological faculty of Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov, he graduated it in 1987 with a degree of a teacher of Arabic and Kazakh languages and literature.

     1987-1989  -  a Committee secretary of the Komsomol in Taldykurgan.

     1989-1991   - a teacher of the Kazakh language in Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov.

     1991-1995  -   a ZhenPI post-graduate .

     1995-2004  -  a senior lecturer of the Department "Tyurkovedenie» in Shymkent department of ICGS named after H.A.Yassavi.

     1998-2002  -   Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Shymkent branch of the Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Affairs.

     2002-2010  -  Director of the Southern regional office for counseling and admission of students of the Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Affairs.

     2003-2004  -  Head of the Educational Department of the International Kazakh-Arabic University.

     2004-2012  -  Head of the Department of Kazakh language study at SKSU named after M.Auezov.

     Since October 2012  -  a Chief Researcher at the Institute of Turkology ICGS named after H.A.Yassavi.

     September 22, 2014  -  by the decision of the founders of the Council of the Regional Social  Innovational University he was appointed as aRector of the University.

     In 2000 he defended his thesis at the Dissertation Council of the Institute of Linguistics named after A.Baitursynov at National Academy of ciences of Kazakhstan on the topic: "Comparative analysis of historical names of old kipchak language", and in 2008 defended his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic at the Dissertation Council in specialty Turkic languages  on 10.02 .06 on the theme"Genetic continuity of old kipchak and Kazakh languages." In 2004, by the decision of the "Committee for Quality Assurance in Education" at the MES he was awarded the title of associate professor of science on a specialty "Linguistics".

     2011-2014 years on the budget program, announced by the nonprofit Turkic Academy (Astana) MES: 055 "Fundamental and applied scientific research", the specificity 149 "Other work and services rendered" he carried out a research project  under the program №400: "The study of the fundamental ancient Turkic arts and painting in the limits of formation of the Turkic cultural complex": on the theme "Place and significance of                     Middle Turkic written language in  historical development of Turkic languages ​​", as a result, based on the materials collected during a research trip in the South Caucasus and Ukraine in 2011, in 2012 he published a monograph consisting of 347 pages ( 21.7 pp). Since April 2014 he is working on a research project on the theme: "Communication of medieval Kipchak with Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan: the historical and ethno-linguistic research" under the program "Historical and cultural values ​​of the Turks - the stable development of the modern society resources." In 2011, 2012 after visiting  2 times  the Republic of Armenia, South and West Ukraine with a scientific mission, brought to the library a non-profit Academy Turks 17,500 page juridical acts and photocopiesof other materials related to the history of medieval Kipchak are brought to the library of a non-profit Academy of Turks

     2009 - "The best teacher of the University." Up to date he published 3 monographs, 2 manuals, 1 support textbook and more than 100 scientific articles. Under his leadership 3 PhD, 17 Masters of Sciences, 1 doctor (PhD)defended their thesisis. In 2012, he delegates to the World Turkological symposium, held in the cities of Bodrum and Turkey's Mugla. For achievements in the field of Education and Science he has been awarded several times by letters of thanks of the rector and the Minister of MES.