Research Institute of Basic and Applied Research

  • 2016-08-09
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Muhtar Ermekbaev

Director a Research Institute of Basic and Applied Research

General Information

Research Institute of Basic and Applied Research of the Regional socially-innovative university in structural research subdivisions, is. Regional socially-innovative university a research institute is open in 2019 the decision of scientific advice of August, 27. The order of chancellor of university is assign for position of director a research institute Muhtar Ermekbaev.

Research an institute conducts research works on three directions:

it is History of language and turcologist

are the Mathematical methods and researches in modern science

are Innovative technologies and perspective direction

Basic volume of research activity of institute :

preparation of specialists for bringing in science and modern deserving students, магистрантов and scientifically-pedagogical personnels, to the height of qualification of faculty advisors, assistance to upgrading;

it is creation of projects and development of plans of scientific researches;

- the research-and-developments executed at modern scientific and technical level presence in organization of supervision;

it is providing of high efficiency of the conducted works.