Научный журнал «Вестник» РСИУ

  • 2016-10-10
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The journal “Khabarshy” of Regional Social Innovational University (AAIU) was registered at the Ministry of Culture and Information on the 18th of September in 2007, registration certificate No 8662 –Ж.

“AAIU Khabarshy” journal publishes actual problems of economy, pedagogy and psychology, philology, nature study, and at the same time different views and debates in social and other branches of sciences.

Issul of the journal began in January in 2008. ISSN 996-484-09-0.

“AAIU Khabarshy” journal comprises all branches twice a year.

Head editor of the journal is president of University, a doctor of pedagogical sciences Mombek Zhamalbekuly Kozybakov. The journal accepts scientific articles in five language (Kazakh, Russian, Turkic, Arabic, English) from organizations in Kazakhstan and foreign countries.