Department of monitoring and graduates employment

  • 2016-08-02
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Head of Monitoring and graduate employment

Mailybaev Marat Serikbayevich

Master of history

Department of monitoring and graduates employment is a structural division of the University. In thepart of the department of monitoring and graduates employmenthe worksasthehead of department, a programmer of EEEA and specialistofmonitoring department.

Department of monitoring and graduates employment plans, organizes and controls the work of the external evaluation of educational achievements. Supervises the structural units in the preparation of reports, prepared in the organization of employment graduates.

Department of monitoring and graduates employment in order to identify the quality of education is the methodsof monitoring, composea single system of faculty in research, teaching, creative and organizational work. It specifies the criteria and requirements for the teacher. Prepares and submits the University management information statistics. According to the social, academic, educational, and for future profession, carries out a survey among students and analyzes the results. Prepares information about graduate employment. Organize round tables with employers and with educationalorganizations, with business leaders and compose memoranda,agreement contracts and government organizations. Get information about vacancies in regional, urban employment centers.

Takes part in the fulfillment requirements and instructions from management